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Coming into the world with Flower Photo Energies:

 LUCIA  - the youngest monthly flower subscriber 

In August I received the most beautiful e-mail so far this year. It came from Julia M. from Berlin with the remark "Here is a young lady gazing at a Bach flower photo"

Included was a photo that put me in awe, wonder and excitement at the same time: It shows her daughter who has just come into the world looking at the photo of  Walnut which I had selected intuitively for her birth and as her first monthly flower.

But this was not the first encounter with a flower photo for Lucia. Inspired by the images of water crystals of Masaru Emoto, during pregnancy Lucia's mother had begun to send her "news" across the belly.

Just as positive words conjure beautiful water crystals for Emoto, Julia M. imagined that positive messages would be brought to the maturing child trough the amniotic fluid in the uterus. She just wanted to tell her that she is welcome and wrote "LOVE", "I LOVE YOU" or "GENTLE BIRTH" on pieces of paper.

From a pregnant friend she got the information that this woman was placing flower photos on the abdomen. Therefore she asked me for a photo and it came out that the flower of Holly should be put on the belly. This flower brings to us the energies of compassion, solidarity and love.

Interestingly, for the mother is was always the same feeling, whether she put the written pieces of paper or the flower photo of Holly on her belly: "Every time I had the feeling that Lucia always( clung to my belly) in the direction of the paper or the image. This also happened when I placed them on purpose to unusual places as on the side of the belly."

After her birth Lucia got – as the youngest subscriber – the photo of Walnut as her first monthly flower. Her mother said:
"My feeling was that Walnut was exactly the right transition flower for and after the birth she needed to really arrive here."

Now Lucia could choose by her own to get visually in contact with the flower and its energy what she did over and over again: "It was very fascinating for us to watch her immersing in the photos for very, very long times and very intensely. We as adults are not able anymore to dive in so deeply.” 

The monthly flower for Lucia in her second month of life was still Walnut. Now she had two photos in her crib and continued to devote herself intensively to this exchange. It was exciting for her parents to watch then, as Lucia's interest in the Walnut photo faded more and more to the end of the month.
"I had the feeling that the need of the energy died away," Julia recalls, "and then a new flower image came from you for the new month, the one of Gentian."

Now the Gentian flower gave her the opportunity to develop more confidence, optimism and faith in herself for the life in this world. And here again, the now three month old Lucia manifested great joy and enthusiasm in diving deeply into the flower and, if necessary taking advantage of its energy ...

My very sincere thanks for this lovely story go to Julia and Lucia for letting us all partake in this experience as well as for Lucia's father Stefan who made available the two photos above.


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