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The "discovery" of the Bach Flowers as essences

These 37 flowers and the spring water go back to the English physician of Welsh origin, Dr. Edward BACH (1886-1936). 

Equipped with a keen observant eye, deep empathy for all living creatures and a well-developed sensitive perceptive faculty Dr. Bach spent the last years of his life in England's fields and forests.

With his deep desire to find a completely natural healing method capable of harmonizing the human personality and to solve its emotional and mental conflicts, he found specific flowers and blossoms of plants and trees and manufactured energetically efficient essences. Today the worldwide therapeutic work with them is widely documented in many books.

Being in contact with nature, Bach's sensitivity was enhanced more and more which allowed him to perceive and describe the power and the characteristic features being active in the flowers.

The Bach Flowers as photographs with a healing effect

With these PHOTOGRAPHS of the flowers we all have today the possibility

 to get directly in contact with the flower forces
 to sense their modes of action in our body
 to experience their effects in our mind
 to benefit from their healing energies.

Earth, light, plants, the human organism, an apple and a photograph – everything is sending out a vibration which carry specific frequencies and transmit their characteristics to us.

The reactions to a particular flower photograph will be various and manifold – depending on how much we resonate with the 'characteristics' of a flower. The more we are in resonance with it, the deeper and more intense are the reactions. Here is what a participant of one of our seminars expressed:

« I came to this weekend with a very theoretical knowledge
about Bach flowers and I thought I could deepen this knowledge.

The first photo was the beginning of a discovery of a world ... 
All facets of feelings knocked me down and I discovered that I was
attracted by some flowers or, on the contrary, could feel an aversion
to others – without any obvious reason.

A true resonance!  At the end of the seminar I was still more convinced
of the greatness of NATURE. »

Immerse yourself in the energies of the Bach flowers 
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The photos change every 2 seconds. You can also stop any photo and remain for longer contemplation.

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