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I"m very happy and grateful that you had this idea to send a free Bach flower photo. 
Last month I received Red Chestnut. On the left side of the photo (on your right) I noticed an image of a creature, it looks like a face of a troll, or some being like this. It"s smiling. Do you see it?
Otherwise, I must tell you, that the photo has an energy, which tells me :"Don"t worry": Just like the image that I see in it. Thank you,
Anamari H.    (Slovenia)

Thank you so much for the free photo of the Star of BETHELEHEM! You are so accurate in your intuition! I am taking the Star from the begining of JULY 2011 -my healer had instructed me so- and you sent me its photo !

Your photos are magical! I would like to order the 38 BACHflowers of 10x15cm, and 21 photos of flowers & seeds 10x15cm!
Thank you again and keep up your excellent service! Kind regards

Thank you for the lovely flower photographs which you sent to us. They are most helpful.

Mine was Impatiens – interestingly, in dancing the Impatiens dance recently I found myself wanting to stay in the slow inner circle, rather than dance freely outside - quite a change for me!

We look forward to new surprises and more healing energies.
With grateful thanks in anticipation, yours sincerely Liz B.    (United Kingdom)

Just a quick note to thank you for your help regarding my daughter. Her sleep pattern has definitely improved.

I was wondering if you could send me my monthly Bach Flower. I’d also be grateful if you could send a monthly Bach Flower to a close friend of mine who has been through a recent trauma and is starting a new job after Easter.
Hope this e-mail finds you well, Helmut, and you are enjoying the beautiful spring flowers as I am.

Best wishes, Stephanie   (Ireland)

Thank you so much for sending me the photo of Rock Rose. I have been using the Bach Flower Remedies now for about 20 years and have done several courses on them. However,I have never thought of taking this remedy.

 When I saw it I literally had a shock (please excuse the pun) and this photo triggered a process in me which is still going on. The start of the process was "fitting" but not pleasant, as you can imagine.

The fact that you intuited what you thought I needed at that moment with merely an email to go by fills me with awe. Thank you!
Thank you again, Kind regards
Sarah O.   (United Kingdom)  

I have received your wonderful photos, they are extremely shining and radiating all your love for them.

Thank you for the monthly photo. How did you feel that I need wild oat for this month? I really need it.
I am trying to find my true mission again as I have been confused lately.
Let's help all the people to find out about the flower remedies and follow the path to their soul.
Have a nice summer
Theofanny C.   (Greece)

Thank you so much. I received my flower in the post three days ago, I am very excited to be the first person in New Zealand to get one! 

Though I'm actually Irish and am living here in New Zealand to be with my Kiwi boyfriend. I heard about your website from my aunt who went to a Bach dancing workshop in Ireland!
The photo is great and the colours are so brilliant, I look forward to meditating with it. Thanks again,

Roisin B.   (New Zealand)  

I should tell you that I also receive your photos monthly and I apprecciate them very much.

I consider them as an important step in my personal growth. they make me think in a Different direction - and help me this way. 

 Your ability to choose the flowers certainly Is a talent you can be grateful for. 

Warmest regards,
Andreja    (Slovenia)   

Your photos are absolutely superb and as I was reading in your latest newsletter, you are also very touched by the power of the "new flowers", the orchids. Have you already taken pictures of them too?

I wish you happy Easter with lots of joy and I am very grateful even just to look at your flower photo.

Thank you so much! All the best
Brigitta M.   (Switzerland)

Thank you very much for my photograph, when I heard about you sending these I feel you are very generous.

I love your photography of the flowers and look forward to working with mine over the next while
Kind regards and best wishes 

Jennifer    (Ireland) 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a beautiful gift.

Your choice for me – Wild Rose – is (of course) entirely appropriate. I am going through a period of massive change and the first line of the affirmations:

“Motivation to devote oneself to meaningful objectives chosen by oneself” is exactly what I need.
I dance the Bach Flower dances (trained with Martine Winnington) and at a session after I received your gift I danced the Wild Rose, not a dance I normally do. I was very affected, and know that the healing of this remedy is needed in my life at this time.
I already have the box set of your beautiful photographs but to receive a gift is very special.
The flower you gifted my husband – Agrimony – is also quite appropriate. He will not admit it, but your lovely picture is propped up on a chest of drawers where he sees it daily.
Love & light & peace be with you always.
Clíona    (Irelande)

Thank you again for your generous gifts to myself and my sister. What a gift to receive so freely. I think it would be selfish of me to continue requesting any more flower/cards, and so I really want to sincerely thank you for the generousity you have shown me. Thank you and please know that I remember you in prayer.

Regards, Lily    (Ireland)

    *   *  *  This was my answer   * * *
Thank you very much for your wonderful words of appreciation. 
BUT - my gift is free and not limited in the moment - so why not simply accept and "use" it ??? -
You are as worthy to do so as every other person who likes to take what I am offering. There is nothing selfish in taking what life is offering you !!!
So please continue requesting the monthly flower photograph if your heart desires to do so ! One of the true meanings of life is ABUNDANCE. 
Abundance is giving and receiving in a constant flow. Allow yourself to receive abundance whereever it is possible and give yourself to the world in the same way - and you will find yourself expressing deep LOVE and JOY.
I bless the flowering in you, namasté   Helmut

Thank you for Gentian. I think that helped me in my work. I do sometimes forget myself, and I just push on, without any hope. I would also ask you, if you could send one for my mama.

regards, JAN K.    (Slovenia)

Thank you for your time and all your effort. Enjoy your week-end and hopefully your server will get sorted out promptly.

Kind Regards, Rose R.   (Irelande) 

Many thanks for last months flower, it was so helpful and I know the healing continues. I awaitwith excitement to receive the next gift from you.

Thank you for such a lovely gift.

Maria C.   (United Kingdom)


Hi, thanks for the previous picture (Walnut).

It has been really powerful in my new actions. It is really a good linkbreaker.
I have the picture at my PC, where I usually work.
best regards Jan   (Slovenia)   

Thank you for mailing my free Bach Flower photo.

Thank you for your fantastic and healing flower photos, they are a true gift.

Kristine L.    (Denmark)

Many thanks for the beautiful Bach Flower cards via Martine Winnington – They are a powerful source of help.

I'm just finishing a 3 week holiday in the Malvern Hills, and recharging my batteries for the hurly-burly of home life, and have used the cards for meditation, and healing, and discovery of my inner needs – thank you so much!
Best wishes, Rosie J.    (United Kingdom)

My sister R. is feeling much better. She has been able to go on holiday with her husband.

Many thanks for the healing flowers.

Maria    (United Kingdom) 



 Thank you also for the beautiful flower sent last month and for the thoughts on the back. You have great intuition!

Teresa E.    (United Kingdom)

This is a beautiful thing you are doing.


Kind regards, Faith W.    (United Kingdom)



Thank you for a wonderful service.

Richard H.   (United Kingdom)


Thank you so much for the flower photo. Exactly what I needed at the moment.

Maggie P.    (Ireland)




Thank you for sending me Larch which I find very helpful in my effort to write an essay for college. 
Yours gratefully, Maura O'D.   (Ireland)



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