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Workshop with the Bach flower photos :  

Call of the Soul and your Calling -

intuitive et therapeutic work with
the Bach Flower Photos

Facilitated by Therapist Helmut MAIER

Heilpraktiker (practitionner) of Psychotherapy and flower photographer.

This seminar invites you to an inner journey with the photographs of the Bach flowers: an amazing encounter facilitating the experience of your own Essence through the Essence of the flowers while contemplating them.

This is a unique and innovative approach to the flowers and to self-discovery. It offers you a very personal journey of conscious realization and smooth inner transformation. By experiencing their energies in this way, you can enrich and deepen your knowledge of the Bach flowers or discover them in this very special way.  

During this weekend we will focus on finding answers to our deeper questions about life: 

► Why am I on earth – here and now ? 

► What is my true vocation and my potential, which are waiting to be recognized and to be expressed through my life ?

► How can I identify and overcome obstacles and emotional patterns that limit the expression of my Self in form of creativity, charisma and the ability to love ?


It's often a long and intense process of self-knowledge to discover the deeper life purpose of our Soul. In the course of time we first learn to distinguish what is the voice of our spiritual ego and what is the voice of our Divine Self.

Allowing ourselves to dive into the flower energies during contemplation enables a deeper consciousness giving us valuable signposts from our Inner Being, our own Essence. By identifying and acknowledging these indi
cations we will be able to integrate and finally express them through our lives.

However to find one's own inner calling does not necessarily indicate a specific profession. Above all it is about our potential and qualities – often still little recognized. It is about feeling them and becoming more familiar with them, to help us to find their unique, adequate and individual expression through us.

The Bach Flowers are an ideal and efficient tool to 

► detect and transform outmoded patterns of behavior

► heal emotional wounds and become safe and sound

► bring into consciousness our hidden problems (if the flowers are used in an intuitive way)

► to reveal their causes and possible solutions - beyond the manipulation of our egoic mind

This seminar about the intuitive and therapeutic work with the Bach Flower Photos invites you to discover this simple and unique method by experiencing the flower's energies through the initiatory contemplation with the flower photographs. Experienced in large size, we engage with them as benevolent guides helping us to enjoy their energy simply and beautifully.  

The workshop includes a slide presentation showing the flowers from different aspects and perspectives. This allows us to explore the main themes which represent the Bach flowers in their usual classification system of the 7 groups.

Generations of psychotherapists who have used the Bach Flowers for their patients, demonstrate the supportive role the Flower essences play in most forms of therapeutic therapies. 

You will learn through various examples how you can easily use the photographs as well as the flower essences in your daily life and /or your therapy practice.

This seminar refers to all people who are open minded for making an exciting new and deeper experience that goes far beyond the usual classical theoretical approach of the Bach flower therapy.

Participating does not require any special requirements.

With the confirmation of your registration all participants will receive a flower photo intuitively chosen by me as an introduction to the seminar. 


Currently we are not giving seminars until the construction
of our therapy and flower seminar center.

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