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Flowers & seeds as photographs with a healing effect

When I was travelling for some years in England, France, Germany and Switzerland, it was with the intention to capture the energy of the Bach flowers on a visual level and make it available to all through the photographs.

During this project, a number of other flowers and seeds attracted my attention - and I could not resist photographing them.These other flowers possess their own essential energetic healing vibrations. Along with the photos of these flowers and seeds, we are pleased to offer for sale, these special new flower essences. 

The development of Dr. Bach's system in the 1930s laid the foundation for popularizing the healing work with flower essences all around the world.

Bach's lifework left us a concludent system consisting of 38 mental states, sub-divided into 7 main character groups. (For more information see the monthly flower). Each flower corresponds to an archetypical pattern of thinking, feeling and action characteristic of the human personality. Dr. Bach tested well over 100 different flowers, arriving at the final 38 for their exceptional and special qualities. 

 Since the 1970s a wide interest in using flower essences has grown. In particular an interest in indigenous, native flowers spread spontaneously around the world. That curiosity resulted in the discovery of thousands of flower essences. Thanks to the research and study of the essences by countless therapists, manufacturers and other like minded souls,we have many books and encyclopedias documenting the the theraputic value of flowers from ancient times to the present.

The flowers of our earth reflect the neverending richness of human experience and spiritual levels of being. They go well beyond vibrational healing of the emotional cause of diseases as was intended by Edward Bach.

Everywhere we can see flowers opening doors to self-recognition and functioning as a bridge to the real inner core of our being.

Whether we want to invigorate our creativity, strive for inner peace in meditation, or long for more satisfying and intense sexual and personal relationships: Meditating with flowers helps us get there. Choosing the flowers which attract us, will lead us to a deeper understanding and connection to our inner nature, and away from the distractions of the outer world.

As gifts from nature they serve to bring our innermost nature into greater awareness and clarity. An external mirror of our inner selves, supporting the process of never ending self-recognition. As without, so within.

As decorations these images delight us with their presence. They fill the rooms of our homes with their light filled auras as we enjoy these icons of nature’s beauty.  


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