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The Monthly Flower 

The monthly flower is an experiential way to enjoy the energies of the Bach flowers and other flowers. By using the photos  in everyday life: they help

  • in the realization of one's own life issues

  • in self-healing and energizing drinking water *

  • in becoming concious of our behavior patterns (in relationships)

  • as spiritual compagnionship and self-experience

  • in supporting our understanding of our Soul potentials and deeper life purpose


Connecting myself inwardly on the Soul level with the person requesting the monthly flower, I choose the appropriate monthly flower intuitively and send the photo by post. 

The monthly flower may be requested at your convenience from time to time or is availble as a monthly subscription - valid for 12 months – to be received at the beginning of each month.

The first-TRIAL flower is free, also for all family members given their names and ages.

Request a monthly flower

 You can easily experience "flower-power-water" by placing a glass of water for 15 minutes on the photo of the flower which appears useful and beneficial at the moment for your needs.

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