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On the Origin of the Monthly Flower 

AIt all started with an inspiration. It came out of a long lingering joy from the deep experiences and insights of the participants of my Bach Flower seminar in late April 2006 at the Schöntal  monastery in Germany. They expressed so much enthusiasm about the meditations with the flower posters and about the joyful shifts that were generated inwardly for them.

„"There is so much healing by tapping into these flower energies", I pondered and asked myself: 
"How could as many people as possible enjoy the  wonderful flower power of these photographs?” - “How could they get to know these opportunities at all and use it on their path of self-realization and healing of the past?"?“

The answer came quickly from inside: "Offer it as a monthly flower. Use your intuitive gifts. Chose individually for anyone requesting the flower photo containing the energy that he or she needs right now.“

And so it happened in the following years, increasingly! In May 2006 I received 23 inquiries, from September on there had been an average of over 100 and in January 2007 over 150 per month: A total of 1,400 photos shipped for free throughout Europe in eleven months!

The increasing demand began to impact  my work schedule late in  2006. The work with the essences and photos  began to take time away from my work as a health practitioner in psychotherapy, relationship therapist and flower counselor.  I needed support in the form of an employee who helped me with the shipping, so I could no longer offer it unlimited for free.

Anyway, some could not believe that this service was offered free of charge. Touched by these statements I asked myself why I was really doing this?

In response I thought of GRATITUDE. I do it as an expression of my gratitude for all that I have received as gifts from the flowers in form of healing, insight and guidance; also for giving me the gift of its wonderful energies made available in my photographs.. 

I am doing it equally in gratitude to all the people who have helped me during the five (not so easy) years when I was traveling through England, France, Germany and Switzerland to get all Bach flower photos together. I had received so many hints, location tips, contacts, accommodations and lecture facilities. Now, the monthly flower gives me the opportunity to create a balance: to give the world something back of what I have created with its help.. 

And of course I wanted to reach  as many people as possible in order to familiarize them with the new possibilities of working with the flower PHOTOS: Showing and allowing to experience by practical application that we do  not always need an essence - though it also may make sense to take drops while working with a flower photo!  Because

 the meditative contemplation of a flower photo opens up a whole new space of communication with a flower and the force that acts through it;

► it allows us to engage in an  exchange and resonance with the flower's power;

► this may be much deeper and more effective the more we are able to open up and really engage with the flower;

►repeated communion with the flower helps us to feel and to awaken energetically its qualities within us

Ultimately, the BACH flowers serve us to induce our pure SOUL qualities into us for being able to give them to life as a gift. This is done by liberating us consciously and continuously from the unredeemed  (negative) aspects of our ego personality that covers the Soul qualities.

In 1936, shortly before his death, Edward Bach put it in this way in his last script "Heal Thyself":

We must earnestly learn to develop individuality according to the dictates of our own Soul, to fear no man and to see that no one interferes with, or dissuades us from, the development of our evolution, the fulfillment of our duty and the rendering of help to our fellow men, remembering that the further we advance, the greater blessing we become to those around. Especially must we be on guard in the giving of help to other people, no matter whom they be, to be certain that the desire to help comes from the dictates of the Inner Self and is not a false sense of duty imposed by the suggestion or persuasion of a more dominant person. ...

It is the dictates of our conscience alone which can tell us whether our duty lies with one or many, how and whom we should serve; but whichever it may be, we should obey that command to the utmost of our ability. ... We must refuse to be under the slavery of greed, which compels in us the wish to possess others. We must encourage in ourselves the art of giving, and develop this until it has washed out by its sacrifice every trace of adverse action."

If we look into ourselves and around us, hardly anyone is found that may have transformed the “themes” of the Bach flowers - the 38 archetypal negative "states of mind" - permanently into embodied qualities. We all are always somewhere on the 7 paths  - according to the 7 groups in which Edward Bach had pigeonholed the flowers.

Flower energies are an invaluable aid in this process of transformation toward our True Self and towards living together based on the pure love of our hearts  and the consciousness of unity of all existence. 

Today, on the threshold of a new era, where mankind takes giant steps from manipulation, power abuse and fear addiction toward love, compassion and self-empowerment the Bach flowers are not always sufficient on an energetic level.

Sometimes it requires additional, higher vibrating tools such as orchid or other essences that enable us to free ourselves permanently from the deep-seated ego-structures of negativity and also from the well-internalized patriarchal structures of the last six thousand years.

Nevertheless the Bach flowers continue to have a solid and important place in this process of radical Self-renewal,  serving us as mirrors, sign posts and transformative energy at the same time.

We could call them the 7 PATHS of FLOWER METAMORPHOSIS which respectively show a topic issue and its solution:

1) From fear and anxiety to FEARLESSNESS and BASIC TRUST
with* Rock Rose * Mimulus * Cherry Plum * Aspen * Red Chestnut

2) From uncertainty and indecisiveness to CERTAINTY and PURPOSE-DIRECTEDNESS 
with * Cerato * Scleranthus * Gentian * Gorse * Hornbeam* Wild Oat

 3) From lack of interest in the presence and escapism to PRESENCE and ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN LIFE
with* Clematis * Honeysuckle * Wild Rose * Olive * White Chestnut * Mustard * Chestnut Bud

4) From loneliness and inner retreat to EMOTIONAL OPENESS and HARMONCI COMMUNITY
with * Water Violet * Impatiens * Heather

5) From repressed feelings and sensitive reactions to external influences to TRUTHFUL SELF-EXPRESSION and HARMONIC INDEPENDANCE 
with  * Agrimony * Centaury * Walnut * Holly

6) From self-depreciation, guilt and despair to SELF-CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE and JOY
with  *Larch * Pine * Elm * Sweet Chestnut * Star of Bethlehem * Willow * Oak * Crap Apple

7) From over-care and tutelage of others to NATURAL AUTHORITY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and INNER FREEDOM
with* Chicory * Vervain * Vine * Beech * Rock Water

The development of some of these qualities may take a lifetime. But that should not discourage us in the face of the many inner qualities that we have already developed and call naturally our own, for which we may have needed perhaps many lifetimes.

We are all incarnated for a specific reason and with a certain task at this critical time here on Earth. In the words of Edward BACH:

« It cannot be too firmly realised that every soul in incarnation is down here for the specific purpose of gaining experience and understanding, and of perfecting his personality towards those ideals laid down by the soul. »

Today it is about radical change in consciousness and total self-responsibility, it's about deep understanding and appropriate action in regard to realizing the fact that we are all ONE.

In recognition of our UNIVERSAL SELF and its unique qualities and abilities lies the force for  creating a new aligned world - based on love, compassion, confidence and joyful realization of our individuality in the service of the whole.


It fills me with great joy being able to offer you an "intuitive flower companionship" on this journey with the MONTHLY FLOWER - Helmut Maier

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