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For anyone
who has NOT yet received
a free flower photo:

For anyone
who has already received
 a free flower photo:

TRIAL Monthly Flower

 Receive for free  
a photo 10x15cm by mail

Monthly Flower -
personal request

Receive a photo 10x15cm by mail

You will receive your intuitively chosen free photo from the Bach flowers or Flowers & Seeds, size: 10X15cm, via mail.

Other family members can also receive a free flower photo by adding their names and ages.


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If occasionally you would like to get a flower photo for your current situation: 

You will receive one flower photo, intuitively chosen for you from the Bach Flowers or the Flowers & Seeds, size: 10x15cm, via mail.

Europe - 6,00€/photo, other family members at    
               3,00€/ photo - postage included
Switzerland - 5,50€ or 2,80€/photo - postage included

World - 6,00€/photo or 3,00€/photo - postage included

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